Environmental Policy

We’re Green through conservation.

All employees are well-trained in every aspect of their job; therefore each job is completed with expertise the first time. We plan the most efficient routes to our job sites and monitor idling time through GPS, thereby improving fuel efficiency and reduced carbon emissions. Conservation provides a better product and a better experience for all.

All grass clippings, brush, soils, concrete and asphalt are recycled.

Non-organic waste is minimized and recycled wherever possible.

To reduce overall emissions and remain current with municipal, provincial and federal requirements and laws, all equipment is expertly maintained and replaced every five years.

We guarantee that every job performed is conducted with the most environmentally-friendly methods available.

Water Conservation. We always recommend installing low-volume, high-efficiency irrigation drip systems and soaker lines. We ensure all irrigation heads are installed properly so water is provided to the intended location without evaporation or run-off.

We promote water conservation by choosing the right plants for your unique landscape; additionally, installing the proper drainage system for your property keeps your landscape naturally hydrated. Proper landscaping decreases the need for irrigation and reduces the resources required to maintain your property.

During the winter season, we constantly monitor the weather and ration salt or de-icing products to match forecasts. The correct product and service at the correct time makes all the difference.

When we plan our snow removal operation, we always urge customers to let us select the low area of the site to pile accumulated snow. This strategy greatly reduces the need to apply salt during freeze-thaw cycles, and eliminates driving back and forth to the sites, thereby creating a more cost-efficient contract for our valued customers.